1 day. 20 years of research. A totally fresh start.

Take a break from mindless eating, high-calorie diets, sugar and carbs. Amp up your Intermittent Fasting with a nutrition program that gives you many of the benefits of a full day fast.

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Take a Break

Give your body a 1-day breather and allow it to get back on track through active fasting.

Fresh Start

Kick off a new starting point to help you achieve your goals. Perfect for Intermittent Fasting routines.


Break over-indulgence with a 1-day ReSet intervention.

Enrich Your Journey

Embark on a longevity lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness.

Who's It For?

ProLon ReSet is the only scientifically backed 1-day nutrition kit that puts your body in a fasting state, helping you take the time to reset and recharge.

Use it during any day of the week whenever you feel that you had a few days of overindulgence or unhealthy lifestyle. Or adopt it as a fasting nutrition lifestyle program by consuming it once or twice a week (for example, use it as the 5:2 diet - two days of fasting nutrition, 5 days of traditional food). 

It is also the perfect companion if you want to transition to an easier Intermittent Fasting experience during which you eat carb-controlled food and recoup some of the benefits of fasting!

How It Works

ProLon Reset provides you a day of innovative nutrition formula that was scientifically tested and patented to feed your body while keeping it in a physiological fasting state. This Nutrition Program induces your body to breakdown fat and use it as fuel, similar to what happens when you water fast.*

Enjoy a day free of artificial foods and food preparation while inspiring your new journey of longevity lifestyle!

*Based on the fasting mimicking technology of ProLon.

Why It Works

ProLon ReSet makes it easy to fast for a full day by curbing hunger with precise nutrients to keep your body fasting. Need a quick ReSet from unhealthy eating? Just give us a day.